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Increased Interest in Motorcycles Can Mean More Aventura Motorcycle Accidents

In recent years, there has been an increased interest in motorcycles. This mode of transportation can be fun and is often very cost-effective as motorcycles cost less and use less gas than cars. In Florida, motorcycles are especially popular since the warm winters can mean that enthusiasts can ride their bikes all year long. The increased interest in motorcycles, however, can also mean an increased risk of Aventura motorcycle accidents, according to some experts. If you decide to give motorcycles a try yourself, be sure to follow these tips for safety:

1) Always wear a helmet when riding – and make certain your passengers, do too. Helmets are the best way to prevent possibly fatal Aventura head injuries in the event of an Aventura traffic accident involving a motorcycle. Choose a helmet that you like that you will wear each time and carry an extra helmet with you in case you take on any passengers.

2) Never drink and ride. Aventura drunk driving accidents cause far too many deaths each year, and being in a drunk driving accident on a motorcycle can cause even more serious injuries because riders are not enclosed the way they might be in a passenger car.

3) Keep your full focus on the road. Distracted motorcyclists are apt to cause Aventura pedestrian accidents and other types of traffic accidents. Motorcyclists often have only seconds to react to prevent an accident, so driving defensively and with a full focus on driving is vital.

4) If you are new to motorcycles, give yourself a chance to get used to them. Motorcycles handle very differently than cars, so give yourself a chance to get used to the new vehicle by riding on quiet streets.

5) Be especially careful when it comes to possible wildlife on the roads at this time of year. In the autumn, there are more animals on the roads as it is mating season for many species. Many Aventura motorcycle accidents occur because a motorcyclist swerved to avoid an animal.

6) Obey traffic laws. Motorcycles are more flexible than cars and can go more places, but it is important to treat a motorcycle like a car. Avoid weaving in and out of traffic, riding up on sidewalks, and otherwise ignoring traffic laws and signs.

7) Use extra caution around trucks and passenger cars. Many Aventura motorcycle accidents are caused by truck and car drivers refusing to yield right or way or failing to check blind spots. While motorists are expected to check blind spots and drive with caution, not all drivers do so. If you ride a motorcycle, it is important to give trucks and cars more room and to ensure that truck drivers and car drivers can see you.

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