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Broward County Airplane Accidents Can Mean Risks for Bystanders, Too

Every year, Broward and south Palm Beach County see between two and more than twelve airplane accidents. Many of these accidents occur at small airports, including Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport, Pompano Beach Air Park, North Perry Airport, and Boca Raton Airport. Fort Lauderdale airplane accidents and plane accidents in other cities are usually most dangerous to passengers and pilots, who are likely to sustain serious and even fatal injuries. Many pilots and passengers who survive these types of accidents become Fort Lauderdale brain injury patients or spinal cord injury patients at area hospitals.

However, residents in areas near the airports also worry about their personal safety. In many cases, airplanes fly right over residential areas and in many cases smaller airports are separated from residential areas only by some wire fencing. In case of engine failure and other problems, residents in areas near the small airports worry about airplanes crashing into their homes.

In Florida, pilots are required to adhere to certain rules which are designed to keep them, their passengers, and bystanders safe. Pilots in Florida, for example, are required to keep themselves and their aircraft flight-worthy. Pilots are subject to random inspections. If pilots are found to not adhere to the rules, they can have their licenses revoked or suspended. They may also face fines and other penalties if they are found to be in violation of the law. Pilots are also required to have their licenses renewed periodically. In order to get a renewal, pilots must submit to and pass a medical test.

In addition to the rules for pilots, airports – including smaller airports – also are subject to a number of laws and rules. For example, all airports are required to maintain markings and lights on runways. There are also requirements for runway widths. In addition, all airports must maintain a minimum area of territory around runways empty. If an airplane loses control during take off or a landing – the two times when airplanes are most likely to crash – the extra buffer zone ensures that residents in the area are less likely to be injured.

While all of these precautions help reduce the risk of Florida plane accidents, these accidents still do happen – and those who live close to smaller airports may be at larger risk. According to the National Transportation Safety Board, there are 18000 airplane accidents involving general aviation airplanes for every one accident involving a commercial planes. General aviation aircraft includes experimental planes, private planes, banner planes, student-operated plans, and news helicopters – the aircraft more likely to use smaller airports. Part of the reason that general aviation craft crash more often, according to experts, is that commercial airline pilots face even stricter rules and far more rigorous testing and training to keep passengers safe. Since takeoff and landing are the riskiest time for airplanes, experts agree that residents living near airports used by general aviation aircraft are most vulnerable to injury.

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