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Truck Tips from the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles

A new initiative from the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles could help prevent Homestead truck accidents – as well as traffic accidents throughout Florida. If you live in Homestead or anywhere in South Florida and own a truck, consider these safety tips to drive safely:

1) Keep an eye on your vehicle and yourself. While all drivers on the road have a responsibility to keep other motorists safe, truckers have an especial responsibility as their vehicles can cause even more damage in a Homestead car accident. Ensure that your truck is maintained regularly and responds as needed to help you avoid collisions. As well, ensure that you are in good physical shape to drive. Being well-rested, calm, and fit ensures that you can put your whole focus on the road.

2) Stay distraction-free. Distracted driving is a danger for all motorists, but light trucks have more blind spots, so drivers of these vehicles need to concentrate even harder on the roadway to stay safe.

3) Watch your no-zones. Be aware that your larger truck has more blind spots, and check your blind spots more often. Do not count on other motorists to stay out of your blind spots – many drivers are not aware of how many blind spots trucks have.

4) Drive sober. Homestead drunk driving accidents claim far too many lives. Never drive under the influence, and be sure to check over the counter and prescription medications for side effects; anything that may cause drowsiness is unsafe to use.

5) Leave lots of room. Trucks have more height and are therefore at an advantage when braking. Nevertheless, leave plenty of room for the car in front of you. If the motorist in front of you needs to brake suddenly, the extra room can help you avoid a rear-end collision.

6) Use caution in construction and work zones. Follow signs and slow down. Leave yourself extra room; with the blind spots on a light truck, you may need the extra cushion space.

7) Stay aware of road conditions. Check conditions before you leave, so that you can anticipate problems and hazards. If you see any problems on the roads, report the problem when you can. It is free to do so from your mobile device if you dial *FHP (that is,*347).

8) Give smaller vehicles plenty of room. Homestead bicycle accidents, motorcycle accidents, and pedestrian accidents are often fatal, especially when trucks are involved. Give pedestrians and bikers extra room, and be aware that riders and walkers can move and maneuver more easily than a truck. An extra cushion of room protects you and gives you a chance to maneuver if a rider or pedestrian makes a move that is unexpected.

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