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Can Bullying Lead to a Miami Premises Liability Case?

Bullying has become a serious problem – and one that results in serious injuries. When bullying takes place, it can cause serious Miami injuries to minors and children. Children who are bullied may suffer from Miami brain injuries, broken bones, and other serious injuries. In some tragic cases, victims of bullying sustain fatal injuries or end up committing suicide due to the trauma of the abuse. In most cases, bullying leads to distress, upset, anxiety, and even depression. While there is more awareness than ever before about bullying and its effects, many children today still are victimized in this manner.

Schools have an obligation to ensure that students are safe. While many schools do have policies in place to prevent bullying, some parents are frustrated about school response when bullying does happen. When schools fail to do so, parents of victimized children can bring about legal action against the school. There are many reasons why parents of a bullied child may have a legal case against a school:

1) The school knew about the bullying or should have known but failed to act on it. One of the most distressing things about bullying is that it often goes under-reported and unnoticed until the violence escalates. In many cases, staff at schools notice something amiss or should notice the bullying but either fail to notice or fail to do something about the problem. In some cases, even after parents report bullying the school does not take enough steps to halt the problem.

2) The school had no policy in place to protect students. While many schools today have some written policy regarding violence and bullying, some schools do not do enough to make their policies clear and fail to enforce written policies.

3) The school had conditions which allowed bullying to take place. In some cases, a parent may have a Miami premises liability case, if the school fails to properly supervise school areas or fails to provide a safe environment. If some areas, for example, have poor lighting or other unsafe conditions which allow injuries to take place, parents may have a case.

If your child has sustained a serious injury due to bullying at school, you will want to contact a Miami personal injury attorney to find out whether you have a case. An experienced attorney can investigate the bullying at your child’s school and determine whether the school did everything possible to keep your child safe. In many cases, parents find that schools and school boards are more willing to work to end bullying in cases where an attorney is involved. An attorney can also help you seek compensation if Florida law makes you eligible for it. This money can help pay for your child’s medical bills and for other expenses related to the injuries.

Has your child sustained serious injuries at school? If so, contact the Flaxman Law Group to find out if you have a case. Your initial consultation is absolutely free and comes with no obligation; it is a chance for you to find out more about your options and rights, so that you can make the best possible decision for your child.