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Miami Premises Liability Cases When A Child Gets Injured at School

Miami parents send their children to school each day, hoping that schools provide a safe and productive learning environment. Unfortunately, some injuries to Miami children and teens occur in schools each year, and some of the injuries are serious enough to cause permanent disability or many months of recovery time. When the worst happens, one of the first issues is who is responsible for the various types of injuries and accidents which can take place at schools:

1) School bus injuries. While Miami school bus accidents are rarer than Miami car accidents, they do occur. Due to the size of school buses and due to the fact that students in school buses do not wear seat belts, the injuries which can result from school bus accidents can be serious. Schools and school boards have a responsibility to hire safe bus drivers and to maintain buses in good condition. When they fail to do so, parents can launch legal action if the lack of care results in an accident and injury.

2) Recreation-related and sports injuries. Thanks to increased attention to Miami brain injuries and new research about brain injuries, we are more aware than ever before about the long-term impact of head injuries sustained during sports. School sports, especially contact sports, can result in long-term injury and even permanent injuries. In some cases, school recreation-related and sports injuries can even be fatal. It is expected that schools take all due precautions to ensure that school athletes and school recreation options are safe.

3) Playground injuries. Some schools have been removing playground equipment because some types of equipment can cause serious injuries, including spinal cord injuries, broken bones, and head injuries. However, even a playground without equipment can be unsafe if there is inadequate supervision or other unsafe conditions.

4) Class trip injuries. When a school group takes a class trip or a field trip, the school remains equally responsible for the students, just as if students were on school property. If a student is injured on a class trip and it is because the school or school board failed to take proper precautions in keeping the students safe, the family of the injured child may have a case.

Florida law does allow parents to pursue a case when school administrators and officials knew about a problem or should have known about a problem but failed to fix the issue. In these situations, parents can seek compensation for medical costs and other costs related to the accident. Schools are protected by school boards, unions, and attorneys. If your child has been injured at school, it is important to safeguard your child’s future by speaking with a Miami personal injury attorney. An experienced attorney can help apprise you of your rights and options and can help you understand how much your case is worth, so that you have the facts in hand to make the right decision for your child.

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