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Can Red Light Cameras Prevent Miami Truck Accidents and Car Accidents?

Some experts believe that installing red light cameras can help prevent serious Miami car accidents and traffic accidents because these cameras push drivers to slow down – even when no police are present. If drivers are caught speeding on camera, they get a traffic ticket. Red light cameras are used around the country and throughout the world. Manufacturers of the cameras claim that they reduce accidents, save lives, and even help communities save money by freeing police up for more important duties. In addition, the revenues from tickets generated from the cameras go towards the city.

The premise behind red light cameras is simple. The cameras are installed above intersections and they are programmed to take photos in situations where a car speeds through an intersection. When this happens, the camera takes a photo of the car’s license plate number and the system sends the owner of the car a ticket. The revenue from the tickets are shared between the makers of the cameras and the city. Today’s red light camera manufacturers can also create cameras that can automatically detect other traffic violations, including illegal turns.

Those who support the use of red light cameras claim that the cameras ensure that drivers are caught when they break the rules and are held accountable – whether or not a police officer is nearby. The idea is that the cameras are always on, ensuring that no one can speed through a designated intersection.

Those who oppose the cameras, however, say that there is evidence that these cameras may not be as useful in preventing accidents as many believe. For example, after red light cameras were installed at intersections in Australia, the number of accidents increased. At one intersection in Windang, average yearly collisions increased by over 200% while at another intersection in Figtree accidents increased by over 100% after red light cameras were installed.

According to experts at the Monash University Accident Research Centre, the increases in accidents may be caused by a number of reasons. First, some drivers may go through the intersection at normal speeds while other drivers may slow down speeds significantly in the presence of a red light camera, and the variance in speeds can lead to accidents. Research has suggested that it is variance in speeds, rather than speeding alone, that is most likely to lead to an accident. Another problem is that drivers may feel additional pressure and stress when entering an intersection with a red light camera, and this can prove distracting, possibly leading to a Miami traffic accident. Drivers may be more focused on the camera and on their speed, for example, rather than on their driving.

There may be other possible problems with the cameras. For example, some drivers have successfully contested their tickets in court and most communities cannot afford to have the cameras at every intersection, so that there are still many areas where drivers can speed and cause a Miami motorcycle accident or car accident. Whether or not cameras are installed, it is ultimately up to drivers to work to prevent Miami truck accidents and car accidents.

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