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Teens, Summer Jobs, and Miami Personal Injuries

During the summer, many teens look forward to getting their first job. Unfortunately, many minors and young workers are seriously injured or killed while at work. Teens may be vulnerable to workplace injuries because they may be less familiar with workplace safety issues and have less experience with work safety standards. They may also be more hesitant to complain about unsafe working conditions. If your teen is working this summer, consider these tips for helping your teen stay safe at work:

1) Discuss work safety issues with your teen. Help your teen identify safety issues at work and discuss how they can reduce the risks of injuries and accidents at work. If your teen needs work boots, goggles, and other safety equipment, make sure that they have the proper supplies to do their job correctly.

2) Make sure your teen has a safe way of getting to and from work. Miami car accidents are very common during the morning after afternoon work commute. Make sure that your teen’s car is in good condition or consider having your teen tale public transit.

3) Ensure your teen has the proper safety training to do their job safely. Even simple jobs and entry-level jobs have their risks. Ask your teen about the training they have received and ensure that the training they receive addresses safety issues.

4) Be especially wary about jobs with little supervision. Some enterprising teens create their own businesses – such as painting houses and mowing lawns – rather than working for someone else. However, teens need to be aware of insurance and safety issues with these types of microbusinesses as well.

5) Consider workplace surroundings. Can your teen get to and from transportation before and after work safely? Is the area safe and well-lit? Many Miami premises liability accidents occur because the area surrounding a workplace is not safe and employees are injured getting to and from work.

6) Make sure your teen understands their role in staying safe at work. Teens can reduce their risk of an injury at work by focusing on their job and by doing their job as safely as they know how. Teens should also be aware of Miami workers compensation laws as well as laws that protect workers. Make sure that your teen knows that if they see unsafe working conditions, they should report the problem to their boss. Teens should also understand that they can refuse any task that is dangerous. Some young employees feel that they cannot say anything if they see something unsafe at work, so it is important that teens understand that they can and should speak up.

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