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Common Mistakes After a Hollywood Truck Accident

Being in a serious Hollywood traffic accident can be frightening and upsetting, and this is even more so if you are involved in a Hollywood truck accident. The accident generally will take place in just a few seconds and while you are still reeling you may need to deal with the other driver, witnesses, police, insurance company employees, emergency personnel, and others, all asking you questions. Many people injured in Hollywood car accidents and truck accidents make a few key mistakes immediately after the accident, and these mistakes can adversely affect the chances of recovering fair compensation for any injuries:

1) Saying “I am sorry” or making any simple admission of fault. It may feel natural to apologize after an accident, but this simple statement can adversely affect your claim. It may be seen as an admission of fault by the other driver and by the insurance company. These simple words may be held against you, so after a Hollywood truck accident, stick to the facts and exchange information. Keep in mind that immediately after an accident is may be impossible to determine fault. It can take professional investigators some time to determine what caused an accident, so avoid jumping to conclusions.

2) Not contacting police and insurance carriers right away. If anyone is seriously injured or you believe that the other driver may be under the influence, it is important to contact the police and file a report. Failure to do so can create problems down the line if you decide to file a claim. In addition, many people assume that if they contact their insurance company, their rates will increase. However, contacting your insurance company to ask for advice does not mean that you have to file a claim.

3) Signing documents too quickly. After a Hollywood motorcycle accident or car accident involving a truck, it is common to get a claim offer quite quickly. The insurance companies working for truck carriers and truck driver unions are quite powerful and often want to resolve claims quickly. However, it is important to avoid signing anything until you have had a chance to discuss the document with an attorney, or you may end up signing away some of your rights to fair compensation. After a Hollywood truck accident, the only thing you should be signing is a police report.

4) Failing to speak with a personal injury attorney if a serious injury has occurred. If your injury is serious and will result in medical costs and lost income, it is important to speak to an experienced Hollywood personal injury attorney. An attorney with experience in truck accident claims can help you understand your rights and the likely total costs of your injuries, which can make it easier for you to understand how much your claim may be worth. This can be substantially higher than the claim amount being offered to you. An experienced attorney can launch a claim for you or can negotiate with insurance carriers on your behalf so that you get fairer compensation to help pay for your injuries.

5) Failing to document. After an accident, it is vital to exchange as much information as possible with the other driver or drivers involved. It is also important to take photos of the accident scene and surrounding areas and to get contact information for witnesses. Getting copies of medical reports is also helpful. The more information you gather, the easier it can be for an attorney to help you find all liable parties and the answers you need.

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