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Birth Asphyxia often Leads to Miami Medical Malpractice Claims

Miami medical malpractice claims often result from devastating injuries, but one of the most devastating claims results from birth injuries. The birth of a new baby should be a time of celebrating for all families, but for families affected by negligence, the moment can quickly become tragic.

One of the most common situations leading to a Miami medical malpractice claim occurs when the oxygen to a baby’s brain is interrupted either before, during, or after the birth itself. This is known as birth asphyxia. Also known as hypoxia, the problem can become serious if it is not detected and treated at once. In cases where negligence occurs and a baby does not get immediate attention the result can be a serious Miami brain injury or serious damage to the baby’s heart, kidneys, lungs, or other organs. In cases where the problem affects the baby’s brain, the result can be a lifetime of developmental delays and serious brain injury that can prevent the child from leading a normal life. In some cases, birth asphyxia proves fatal.

According to experts, medical professionals use a fetal heart rate monitor, which can detect if there is a problem that could result in a baby’s brain not getting enough oxygen. In cases where an injury occurs and there is a Miami medical malpractice claim, the medical staff may not be paying attention to the monitor. In some cases, this is because the mother fails to get timely care during labor, while in other cases there is simply not enough attention paid to the monitor. In some cases, the data from the heart rate monitor may be misrepresented or the medical staff in charge may not respond quickly enough to help the infant. In all of these case, parents may have a Miami medical malpractice claim.

In cases where there is grounds for a claim, it is important for parents to contact a Miami personal injury attorney right away. An infant affected by birth asphyxia may require a lifetime of special medical care and home care. He or she may need additional help with school and may lose out on substantial income if they can never pursue a career due to their injuries. The cost of care for a child affected by birth asphyxia can amount to millions of dollars, and it is important for families to secure the best possible financial resources early on, so that they can provide their child with the best care possible. Florida law does allow families who have been affected by birth asphyxia to pursue a legal claim for medical costs and related expenses if the condition was caused by medical malpractice. A good Miami personal injury attorney will act quickly to gather evidence that the medical condition was caused by negligence.

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