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Preventing Hallandale Beach Pedestrian Injuries Caused by Distraction

In recent years, there has been a lot of emphasis placed on the dangers of distracted driving. Although Florida is one of only a few states not to enact a ban on texting and driving (or mobile phone use and driving), many drivers in Hallandale Beach understand that distracted driving can lead to a Hallandale Beach car accident, and voluntarily put their mobile devices away.
According to some experts, however, pedestrians may not be getting the same message.

Many experts agree that being distracted while walking can be dangerous and can lead to a Hallandale Beach pedestrian accident. Many pedestrians, however, choose to distract themselves by texting, listening to music, talking on their cell phones, eating, or otherwise occupying themselves as they walk. Now that walking has become a popular form of exercise, some walkers want to multi-task or distract themselves while they exercise – just as they would in the gym. However, distracted walkers may be putting themselves in danger of a Hallandale Beach traffic accident or even in danger of becoming the victim of a crime.

1) Treat walking like you would driving – especially if you are walking on a sidewalk or anywhere near cars. Putting away mobile devices, food, drink, and music allows you to focus on your surroundings, so that you can notice cars and traffic around you. Although cars should yield right of way to pedestrians, you as a pedestrian also have a responsibility to look out for cars.

2) Consider walking trails that take you far from car traffic. These at least reduce the risk of a pedestrian accident. However, keep in mind that distracted walking in these areas can still lead to a Hallandale Beach slip and fall accident or can put you at risk of personal crime. One advantage, however, is that walking along green space trails can provide a natural point of interest, so that you feel less need for distraction.

3) If you want to multi-task, walk in the gym or a safe indoor area. A treadmill at the gym allows you to watch a show, surf the web, or listen to music as you walk. There are also indoor walking clubs at arenas and other facilities that provide a flat, safe surface so that you can walk without having to focus on personal safety. If you cannot bear the idea of walking without some form of distraction, these are the safest options.

4) Wear proper walking gear. Comfortable, sturdy shoes can prevent falls while correctly fitted clothing is more comfortable and offers less of a distraction. During the summer, make sure to bring water as well as sunglasses and a hat to prevent heat exhaustion or heat stroke.

5) Consider all forms of distraction. Just because you are not using a mobile phone while walking does not mean you are not distracted. If you are daydreaming, talking to a walking buddy, or doing anything that makes you not notice the environment around you, you are distracted. Become aware of your common distractions so that you can prevent them.

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