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Each year, many of the Americans who are forced to file for bankruptcy do so due to high medical bills and unexpected accidents or injuries. In many cases, when an unexpected injury or accident occurs, those who are most vulnerable cannot pay for the high medical costs, lost income, and other expenses associated with the accident. If someone is already struggling or living paycheck to paycheck, they may not have the extra money to pay for added expenses. In situations like these, some injury victims turn to bankruptcy because they are unable to pay their bills and the new expenses. While bankruptcy can provide a fresh start – and relief from debt collectors – it can also be a very arduous process and can harm your credit rating for up to ten years.

Fortunately, Florida law does protect you if you have incurred lost income, medical costs, and other expenses due to someone’s recklessness or injury. In the event of a Miami car accident or other accident caused by someone’s negligence, you can seek compensation to cover your medical costs and other expenses. The money you can get through a fair settlement can help you pay for your accident-related costs without you having to get rid of your assets. It can ensure that you do not have to put yourself at financial risk in order to pay for an accident or injury that was not your fault.

In many cases, you do not even have to pay an attorney up front in order to seek justice in your case. Many Miami personal injury attorneys work on a contingency fee basis, which means that you only pay if and when the attorney recovers money on your behalf. This ensures that you do not need to worry about legal costs in addition to your regular bill payments.

After an accident, insurance can help defray the costs of your accident, but in many cases insurance does not cover all the costs of an accident. If you have been in a Miami truck accident, for example, car insurance can help pay for car repairs and immediate medical expenses. However, it may not pay all medical expenses and will not generally pay for long-term medical care. Your case may be worth more than you realize, which is why it is so valuable to discuss your case with an experienced Miami personal injury attorney. Remember: any costs not covered by insurance will come out of your own pocket, and these costs can really place you in financial peril.

No personal injury attorney can help you avoid bankruptcy entirely. However, a good attorney can help you protect your rights after an accident or injury so that you do not have to pay the costs out of pocket. With medical costs and unexpected illness and injury leading the causes of bankruptcy, it makes sense to consult with a qualified Miami personal injury attorney if you think you have a case. An attorney can help you fight for compensation if you qualify. If you do not qualify for a legal case and you do need to file for bankruptcy, a qualified Miami bankruptcy attorney can also assist you with the bankruptcy process, can offer advice, and can ensure that your filing is correct.

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According to the American Bankruptcy Institute, Florida saw 6,178 bankruptcy filings in January 2012. Only California had more. The overall picture in terms of bankruptcies seems to be improving, according to the American Bankruptcy Institute. Across the US, 87,946 organizations and individuals filed for bankruptcy in January 2012, representing a 14% decrease from January 2011. Bankruptcy filings also declined 9% nationwide between December 2011 and January 2012.

Despite this, many organizations and individuals in the US continue to go through the process of bankruptcy after finding themselves unable to generate enough income to meet their financial obligations. Bankruptcy can be a devastating process, but it can also be a fresh start for someone who cannot make ends meet. If there are no other financial options, bankruptcy can relieve the burden of collection efforts and can eliminate some debts, allowing someone in financial distress to start over again.

Bankruptcy is meant to be a last resort and it should never be taken lightly. Bankruptcy can mean a fresh start and it can allow an individual to save their home and other crucial assets. However, it can also negatively affect a person’s credit rating for seven to ten years. The legal process itself can also be intimidating. For this reason, it is important not to make the decision lightly. You may even wish to discuss your decision to file bankruptcy with a legal professional, so that you can get some legal advice before taking this important step.

If you have decided to file for bankruptcy, consulting with a Fort Lauderdale bankruptcy attorney can be a smart first step. A qualified attorney can review your situation, can offer advice, can help you decide which type of bankruptcy might be right for you, and can guide you through the complex legal process. Filing for bankruptcy correctly is imperative. Any mistakes you make during the filing can affect your credit score and your finances for years to come. The bankruptcy process is very challenging, so having the benefit of legal advice can be a real asset.

Contacting a qualified Fort Lauderdale bankruptcy attorney can also be important because in many cases an attorney can offer advice about any underlying issues that have caused the financial problems. For example, many Americans are forced to file for bankruptcy due to debts caused by a serious illness. If you are in financial distress due to injuries sustained in a Fort Lauderdale car accident, for example, a Fort Lauderdale personal injury attorney may be able to offer advice about any options that may allow you to avoid bankruptcy. Depending on your situation, you may be able to file a legal claim to get compensation for your injuries in order to avoid bankruptcy. Even if bankruptcy is your best option, a good attorney can advise you as to which type of bankruptcy filing is best for you and can ensure that you have support and advice throughout the entire process.

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