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The effects of tobacco on health have been well documented and have caused much controversy. Today, a number of groups have turned to the law to seek legal redress in matters involving tobacco. By far the most common type of tobacco litigation is aimed against the tobacco industry. These cases tend to be high profile and tend to involve large settlements as well as a high degree of complexity. Litigation against the tobacco industry can involve individuals seeking redress or class representatives seeking settlements. In the past ten years, unions, health funds, governments, hospitals, and other claimants have also stepped forward.
In some cases, claimants against the tobacco industry have sought settlements of many billions of dollars and the industry has responded with highly motivated and outstandingly trained legal counsel. Anyone hoping to win a case against these giants needs excellent representation. Even simply deciding whether to seek legal redress under consumer fraud, products liability, or another claim can be very complex, so the highest quality legal team is an absolute must in these cases.
In past years, tobacco litigation has also come to mean companies seeking legal redress, damages, or repeal of anti-smoking laws. In cases where these laws have interfered with a business, company owners have sought lost income settlements from governments or other groups. Again, these cases can be very complex and can involve large settlements, necessitating very experienced and powerful legal representation.

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