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Causes Contributing to Florida Truck Accidents Involving Passenger Vehicles

Florida car accidents involving a truck are an especially devastating type of traffic accident. Due to the size difference between the passenger vehicle and the truck, the passenger vehicle occupants have a very high risk of fatal injuries, including serious brain injuries and spinal cord injuries. While a truck driver is somewhat protected in these accidents and is often high up enough to avoid serious injuries, passenger vehicle occupants are closer to the ground, near where the main impact from the truck takes place. While there is obviously no way to avoid the fact that cars and trucks share the same roadways, there are many ways to prevent many of the devastating Florida truck accidents involving cars.

One of the most important steps to preventing these accidents is to realize the risk factors that lead to these accidents. Driver fatigue can lead to many of these accidents, for example. When drivers and truck drivers drive tired, the reduced alertness means slower reaction time, meaning that drivers are less likely to avoid collisions. Driving only when well-rested is an important first step to preventing Florida pedestrian accidents, truck accidents, and all traffic accidents.

Overloaded trucks also contribute to many Florida truck accidents. When trucks carry larger loads than permitted, the trucks often become far more difficult to maneuver and stop. Read-end collisions are far more likely when a truck is overloaded. Too much weight in the truck can also put more pressure on the tires, leading to tire blowouts and exacerbating Florida tire defects which can lead to accidents and injuries.

Road problems and defects can also lead to accidents. When roads are poorly maintained, they can cause uneven surfaces which can cause a truck driver to lose control of their vehicle. Also, when roadways are poorly maintained, some of the safety features designed to make roadways safer may not be in place, increasing the risk of accidents. Road defects can include dangerous intersections, large drop-offs, big potholes, lack of effective guardrails, obstructions (such as branches or rocks) on the roadway, poor lighting, poor signage, construction and poorly constructed roads and bridges. All of these can contribute to Florida truck accidents. If you notice this type of hazard on the roads, it is important to call local police authorities and contact your local elected representatives to make sure the danger is removed before an accident takes place.

Truck brake failure is another common cause of Florida truck accidents. Large commercial trucks can overheat brakes when stopping suddenly or when driving on a downgrade. Excess heat can cause brake failure and a bad accident. Brakes can also fail when trucks are not carefully maintained, which is why regular truck maintenance is so important.

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