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Some Florida Truck Accidents Occur During Loading and Unloading

When people imagine a Florida trucking accident, many imagine a high-speed collision on the highway. However, many Florida personal injuries and even fatalities involving trucks do not even involve a moving truck. The loading and unloading of a truck is hazardous and leads to many workplace accidents involving trucks. These forms of injuries can often be prevented by:

1) Loading on a level and stable area. Unevenness or movement can cause serious slip and fall injuries. It is important to block the wheels and set the brakes to prevent the truck from moving as well. The area should also be well-lit and supervised, to ensure that no one is behind the trailer during loading and unloading.

2) Checking ramps. Ramps should be stable and secure, not moving about. They should also be free of debris, grease, mud, and ice. Many workplace Florida slip and fall accidents occur on ramps that are unstable or covered with a substance or debris that poses a hazard.

3) Loading the correct amount. Loading more in weight or volume than a truck is capable of holding makes the truck more prone to rollovers and accidents, so it is important to adhere to any documentation about weight and load restrictions.

4) Securing loads correctly. Locks, wires, cables, or chains can be used to secure loads in place. When loads shift during transport, the weight distribution shifts, paving the way for a Florida truck accident when the truck loses control. It is important to ensure that all loads are secured well, so that they will not shift or move, even on hills and uneven ground.

5) Checking the condition of the truck. Loading and unloading is the perfect time to check the truck for any maintenance problems. Any signs of issues with tires, brakes, lights, and other important systems should be reported and fixed before the truck driver proceeds with delivery. When a truck is in poor condition, it may respond more slowly, potentially leaving the truck driver unable to prevent collisions.

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