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Causes of Florida Car Accidents

Automobile crashes – both minor and major – occur every day in Florida. Some are no more than small fender benders. In these accidents, damages are often covered by insurance. However, larger car crashes sometimes lead to serious injuries, including brain injuries, burn injuries, spinal cord injuries, permanent disability, and even death. In these cases, insurance often will only cover a fraction of the total cost of the accident. Victims of such accidents often need to turn to a good Florida attorney to get the help they are entitled to under the law.

According to studies, most car accidents are caused by driver errors such as disregard of traffic signs, failure to yield the right of way, following too closely behind another car, unsafe passing, and speeding. In these cases, distractions are often a contributing cause of accidents. When a driver is attempting to do something other than drive to when attention is distracted by something inside or outside the vehicle, a bad car crash can result.

Another common cause for car accidents has to do with a diver’s condition. If a driver drives while ill, for example, he or she may be too fuzzy-headed to respond to traffic correctly. If a driver drives while intoxicated, response times are often too slow for safety. Drivers who drive while very tired also run the risk of falling asleep at the wheel and causing a serious accident.

Environment plays a key role in some accidents. Bad weather can impair visibility, diminish traction and generally pose challenges for the driver. Poor roadway design or poor road maintenance can also add to the risks of car accidents. A driver is responsible for slowing down and taking extra precautions when the weather is bad. However, poor road conditions may be partly the fault of a city or government agency.

In some cases, vehicle defects can cause accidents or injury in an accident. Poorly designed or manufactured cars may be subject to tire blowouts, brake failure, rollover, or other problems. In a case where a passenger or driver is injured because of product defect, an attorney may need to pursue a case against the manufacturer of a vehicle or part of a vehicle or even against a service center that left a vehicle in dangerous condition.