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Common Causes of Tire Problems and Coral Gables Truck Accidents

Many Coral Gables truck accidents are caused by tire blow outs and other tire problems. If you have spent any time on highways in the area, you are no doubt familiar with the strips of tire on the road that are often the remaining debris after a truck tire blow out. There are many reasons why tire blow outs happen so often:

1) Tire defects. In some cases, tire manufacturers design a defective tire or the tire is made defective during a faulty manufacturing process. In both cases, if a defective tire causes injuries in a Coral Gables car accident or truck accident, victims may be able to launch a Coral Gables defective product claim against the manufacturer.

2) Recalled tires. In cases where a tire manufacturer notices that there is a problem with a type of tire, they may issue a recall to prevent the issue from causing accidents. The Department of Transportation (DOT) has a website listing recalls at In some cases, truck carriers may not check for recalled tires and may continue to use tires which are known to be defective.

3) Lack of tire maintenance. Truck carriers and drivers have a responsibility for maintaining brakes and other major truck systems. When drivers and carriers are not responsible in doing so, Coral Gables traffic accidents can result.

4) Not using tires which meet basic tread depth regulations. DOT has requirements for minimum tread depth to ensure that tires grip the road correctly. When truck companies do not abide by these regulations, drivers may have a harder time controlling the trucks and avoiding collisions.

5) Mixing tires. For maximum safety, tires need to be the same type, size, and wear. Mixing and matching can result in an imbalance and can increase the risk of a Coral Gables truck collision. Combining radial and bias tires on the same axle can also cause collisions and can cause drivers to lose control of their vehicle.

6) Lack of inspections. Drivers are required by law to perform inspections of the tires and major commercial truck systems each day before a trip. They are also mandated to keep a report of their inspections. If a tire shows signs of incorrect inflations, air leakage, excessive tread wear, sidewall damage, or tread damage, drivers are expected to fix the issue or report the issue so that it can be fixed.

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