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How to Prevent Miami Beach Head Injuries and Other Sports Injuries

According to the Boston Children’s Hospital, about half of all school football players sustain an injury during the season and the hospital is seeing a worrying trend in overuse injuries and head injuries. For Florida teens, Miami Beach head injuries are a serious concern for student athletes and their parents, but according to experts there are several things that parents can do to help prevent Miami Beach injuries to teens and children who play sports:

1) Get your child to the doctor for a check-up before your child starts a new sport or a new sports season. A check-up can check for existing injuries and any problems with the lungs or heart that could put your child at risk. Most adults get a check-up before starting a new exercise regimen, and it can be equally important for children.

2) Encourage your child to warm up before games and practices. Warm ups get the muscles warm and the blood flowing, reducing the risk of an injury, especially overuse injuries.

3) Make sure your child gets plenty of practice and training before games. Inexperienced players are more likely to sustain broken bones, Miami Beach spinal cord injuries, brain injuries, and other types of injuries because they may not use their bodies in optimal ways or may be out of position. Using incorrect techniques or positions can also lead to stress fractures easily. If your child needs additional help, speak with a coach or teacher to get additional training.

4) Get your child the right sports equipment. Any contact sports require a helmet that fits correctly and is used every time a practice or game takes place. The helmet should be replaced if your child is in a sports-related accident or if your child outgrows the helmet. Supportive, well-fitted shoes are also important for preventing stress fractures. In addition, depending on the sport your child plays, your child may require additional safety equipment.

5) Ensure that your child and child’s school knows the symptoms of a Miami Beach head injury and has a policy in place after any possible head injury. Players who have sustained a head injury may have headaches, vision problems, or dizziness. Symptoms may not develop for 24 hours, so it is important that any child who has sustained a possible head injury is removed from the game and is observed closely for any symptoms carefully.

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