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Warning Signs that Driver You Know May be at Risk of a Fort Lauderdale Truck Accident or Car Accident

In many cases, drivers who cause a Fort Lauderdale pedestrian accident or car accident show some signs of possible driver errors and problems before the accident. Some of these signs can include:

1) Warning sign fender benders. Smaller fender benders – especially multiple small Fort Lauderdale car accidents – can be a warning sign that a driver is routinely taking risks or has a health problem that does not allow them to drive safely. These smaller accidents should be addressed before the motorist causes a serious Fort Lauderdale traffic accident.

2) Mix-ups doing basic driving activities – pedal mixups, driving up on curbs accidentally. While anyone can make a mistake, these types of mistakes during routine driving activities could signal distracted driving or another problem.

3) Forgetfulness or getting lost while driving. These can be early signs of dementia and could be a serious risk on the road.

4) A chronic medical condition that is serious enough to affect driving ability. Anytime a driver is diagnosed with a chronic health condition – such as cardiac disease, epilepsy, dementia, and other conditions – it is important to discuss how the condition will affect driving ability. If the patient is getting treatment, it is important to discuss the effects that medication will have on driving ability.

5) Fear when driving. Timid drivers are likely to make mistakes and drive in a way that may be dangerous. Sudden timidity and loss of confidence when driving can be dangerous and can signal that the driver knows that something is wrong. In some cases, timidity can be caused by trauma after a Fort Lauderdale truck accident or car accident. In any event, it is important to build back driver confidence by addressing any underlying issues and by getting some remedial driver training to build skills and confidence.

6) Distracted driving. Any driver of any age and health status is a risk on the road if they are driving distracted. While texting and driving is not illegal in Florida, reckless driving can lead to legal claims and charges. Any driver who routinely drives distracted will likely cause a Fort Lauderdale traffic accident and the bad habit needs to be addressed.

7) Substance abuse or medications that can cause dizziness and other dangerous symptoms. Fort Lauderdale drunk driving accidents claim far too many lives and are entirely preventable. In addition to driving under the influence of alcohol, however, drivers can also driver under the influence of drugs. Controlled substances, illegal drugs, prescription medication, and even over the counter medications can all affect judgment, response times, and motor skills.

If you know someone who is an at-risk driver, speak to them in a non-accusatory way about the issue and provide them with the facts they need to drive safe. You could be helping to save their lives.

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