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Get the Facts About Concussions: One of the Most Common Coral Gables Head Injuries

There are many types of Coral Gables head injuries, often resulting from Coral Gables slip and fall accidents, traffic accidents, sports injuries, and other types of accidents. One of the most common types of head injuries, however, is the concussion. A concussion can occur when the head is bumped or hit or in cases where the head moves rapidly back and forth. In any case where the brain is jolted enough to crash against the hard skull, head injuries can occur.

While Coral Gables concussions are considered one of the more mild forms of brain injury, they can have serious effects. Concussions can cause memory problems, confusion, coordination problems, headaches, memory loss, dizziness, drowsiness, light sensitivity, sleep disorders, loss of consciousness, noise sensitivity, vision problems, and other symptoms. In addition to these unpleasant problems, Coral Gables head injury patients are at risk of complications – even serious complications — if they sustain a secondary head injury before their concussion. If you have been in a Coral Gables car accident or have possibly sustained a head injury in some other way, it is important to seek medical help at once to get an accurate diagnosis of your condition. Be sure to seek medical advice at once if you have any symptoms, especially.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), about 1.7 million Americans suffer traumatic brain injuries each year. About 275 000 head injury patients are hospitalized and in about 52 000 cases the head injuries prove fatal. In about 75% of all traumatic brain injury cases, the head injury is a concussion. The top causes of a concussion are falls, traffic accidents, unintentionally striking an obstacle, assault, and sports injuries.

When a patient is admitted with a possible Coral Gables head injury, doctors will often rely on imaging tests and other CT scans to see whether a head injury has occurred. If a patient has a concussion, a doctor will often advise rest and plenty of sleep. The patient will also be told to avoid alcohol, physically demanding activities, video games, and prolonged computer use. Patients will need to be careful to avoid a second concussion, as this can cause serious complications. For this reason, patients are often told not to play contact sports and take part in other activities which can lead to another head injury.

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