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Coral Springs Burn Injuries Can Be Devastating

Burn injuries can be one of the most devastating and upsetting injuries to sustain. Whether a Coral Springs burn injury patient sustains their injuries in a Coral Springs car accident, household accident, or through some other incident, burns can have a long-term and distressing impact on the victim’s life for years to come.

One of the most unfortunate things about burn injuries is they are one of the most painful injuries to sustain. A severe burn can cause extreme discomfort, itching, and pain as the skin begins to heal itself. Many burn patients cannot easily resume activities or return to work due to the extreme pain of their injuries.

Another devastating thing about burn injuries is that they can be disfiguring. Burn injuries on the facial area, especially, can be very difficult for burn injury survivors to bear. These types of injuries can cause a patient to suffer depression and anger. Some patients have a hard time returning to normal social activities after their burn injuries, because they feel self-conscious about their burns.

Many people are surprised to find that burn injuries can in fact cause immobility or can prove fatal. However, this is the case. When a burn penetrates the top layers of skin, it can affect the muscles and even bones underneath, affecting the ability of the patient to recover fully and to recover full mobility. This type of burn is extremely painful and may take many months of therapy or rehabilitation before the burn injury victim can recover mobility. In cases where a burn penetrates the skin and causes damage to internal organs, the damage can be so severe that it can be fatal.

One of the most devastating things about severe burns is that in many cases Coral Springs burn injury victims are not given the support they need. Many people who sustain burns in Coral Springs truck accidents, for example, assume that car insurance will take care of medical costs and related costs. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Medical insurance and even car insurance will often not cover the full costs of injuries. Burn injuries tend to require long-term treatment and most insurance carriers do not cover all the costs associated with long-term care. Another problem is that most burn injury survivors require reconstructive surgery in order to regain their confidence and rebuild their life. Unfortunately, many insurance carriers dub such costs as optional and do not cover them.

It often takes an experienced Coral Springs personal injury attorney to fight on behalf of burn victims’ rights and to ensure that a patient has the financial support they need. An experienced Coral Springs personal injury attorney can accurately calculate the total costs of an injury, can negotiate aggressively with insurance carriers, and can even launch a legal claim on behalf of victims. The aim of the attorney is to get the fairest settlement possible so that victims can have the financial resources they need to pay for the medical care they deserve.

If you are recovering from a severe burn injury and are not certain whether you have a case, contact the Flaxman Law Group to arrange for a free, no obligation consultation to discuss your legal options with an experienced personal injury attorney.