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Oil Tanker Accidents: A Dangerous Type of Coral Springs Truck Accident

Oil tanker trucks carry oil and in some cases natural gas and other potentially hazardous materials to consumer homes and to businesses. Unfortunately, when these vehicles become involved in Coral Springs truck accidents, the results can be devastating. While any Coral Springs car accident or traffic accident can lead to serious injuries and even fatalities, oil tanker accidents can lead to environmental disaster, wide-spread property damage, and serious injuries and fatalities due the explosive and hazardous nature of the cargo these vehicles carry.

With tanker trucks carrying flammable material such as natural gas and oil, one of the major hazards in a Coral Springs traffic accident is that the cargo will catch fire or explode. Such explosions can cause pieces of truck to be flung over large distances, causing property damage and potentially injuring bystanders. Explosions can also be fatal to passengers, the driver, other motorists, and even emergency responders at the scene.

When a tanker truck catches fire, pressure can build in the tanker until the release valve bursts, which then can cause gas and flames to leap into the air. In some cases, this can cause a very severely negative environmental impact as well, and entire neighborhoods may need to be cleared to keep people safe. The pressure of an exploding oil tanker and subsequent fire can also cause hundreds of thousands of dollars or even millions of dollars in damage to roads and infrastructure, which can make roadways dangerous to other vehicles and can even cause secondary Coral Springs car accidents.

There are many reasons for oil tanker truck accidents. When brake failure occurs, tankers are vulnerable to rollover accidents, due to their top-heavy loads and due to the fact that they have shifting cargo. A rollover Coral Springs truck accident involving a tanker can easily lead to a fire or explosion. Another common cause for these types of accidents involves an oil tanker colliding with another vehicle. The sheer force of the impact can cause a fire.

Many explosions after Coral Springs truck accidents involving tankers are also caused by problems with the truck. Overweight trucks, poor muffler systems that ignite, and poorly maintained fuel tanks can all lead to accidents and explosions. Any truck problem or defect that could cause a Coral Springs truck accident or car accident with another type of vehicle becomes doubly dangerous with an oil tanker, simply due to the dangerous nature of the cargo these vehicles carry.

Owners of oil tankers as well as drivers of these vehicles are responsible for taking all necessary precautions to ensure that cargo is transported safely. When oil tanker drivers take risks, the resulting accidents could affect thousands of lives. In these cases, victims can pursue legal claims to get compensation for their injuries and to pressure truck carriers to adopt safer policies to prevent further accidents.

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