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Could Invisible Helmets Help Prevent Injuries in Miami Lakes?

Hövding is the name of an invisible helmet that has received much attention in the bicycling community in the past few years. Some experts believe that this helmet can help prevent injuries caused by bicycle accidents in Miami Lakes and other communities.

The helmet does not look anything like a typical helmet, in part because so many people sustain head serious injuries because they do not like the look of traditional helmets. This fact had Swedish design students Terese Alstin and Anna Haupt intrigued. Working together since 2005, they developed an invisible helmet.

The helmet is not magically invisible, of course. Instead, it looks like a large collar or scarf. The idea behind the helmet is simple: the collar contains an airbag that deploys in the event of a traffic accident in Miami Lakes (or anywhere) and covers the wearer’s head. Currently, the helmets cost about $515, although the manufacturers are working to lower costs by changing production in upcoming years.

In addition to price, another question that the manufacturers face is skepticism about the helmet. Florida bicycle enthusiasts wonder whether the airbags in the collar would really inflate reliably each time to prevent head injuries and spinal cord injuries. In Miami Lakes and other communities, after all, a car-bicycle collision means that airbags have to inflate in a fraction of a second to offer protection to the rider. In addition, the helmet would not protect bicyclists from overhanging obstacles and other potentially dangerous head injury types. Bicyclists are also concerned that the helmets – which are already much more expensive than traditional helmets – can only be deployed once. If the airbags inflate during a low-speed fall or a skid, the bicyclist will have to replace their helmet.

There is no question that the helmet is extremely interesting. It uses an algorithm to help detect when a bicyclist is moving in a way that indicates an accident. Inside the collar is a helium gas inflator. To activate the helmet, the wearer places the collar around their neck, closes the zipper, and pushes a button. The entire device weighs about one and a half pounds and in future years the company making the helmet plans to offer a range of styles and designs. In the event of a collision, the manufacturer of the helmet notes that the airbag device deploys in 0.1 seconds, covering the wearer’s head and protecting them from injury.

The manufacturers also claim that the invisible helmet is in fact safer than the traditional helmet. When the company sought to get EU safety certification, they approached Folksam, a Swedish insurer, for independent testing. Folksam discovered that Hövding performed at least three times better than twelve traditional helmets when it came to the hit/drop tests. In shock absorbance tests, traditional helmets had average acceleration results of 180-250 g, compared with 37 g for the Hövding. In addition, the invisible helmet covers more of a wearer’s head in an accident and can handle multiple impacts in one accident.

Hövding is now seeking to attain the U.S. CPSC standard, which will mean more tests. Bicyclists in Florida are no doubt watching the news for developments. The U.S. CPSC standard is considered by some to be tougher than comparable EU tests and the additional testing could help residents understand more about whether the helmet could help prevent head injuries in Miami Lakes and other communities.

If you ride a bicycle, your best option in preventing a head injury, experts agree, is to wear a helmet each time you ride. If you have been injured in a bicycle accident, contact the Flaxman Law Group for a free accident consultation to review your case. If your injuries were caused by a defective helmet, a motorist’s negligence, or by someone else’s negligence, you could be eligible for compensation for lost income, medical costs, and other expenses. Contact the Flaxman Law Group today for more information.

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