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Could Rising Fuel Prices Actually Lower Florida Truck Accident Rates?

For most customers, rising fuel and diesel prices are bad news. Not only are the costs of transportation quickly rising with fuel prices, but the costs of consumer products are increasing due to the costs of fuel. Most products sold to consumers need to be transported by truck or by other vehicles which use diesel. As fuel prices increase, companies are increasing fuel surcharges and consumers are facing higher costs at retail centers, too.

According to the trucking industry, diesel prices are close to $4 a gallon, a dollar increase over the same time last year. While no one likes higher prices, could the increase in costs actually have a hidden benefit? Many carriers are looking for ways to reduce fuel use in order to keep prices competitive, and many of the methods used to lower fuel consumption may actually also help prevent Florida truck accidents:

1) Better route planning. Most truck companies are now trying to find the most efficient ways to get from point A to point B, with an eye to fuel efficiency. However, faster routes can also mean less occupied routes, which could mean fewer Florida car accidents involving trucks. If companies avoid busy roads in order to reduce idling and slow speeds, there will be less competition on roads and potentially fewer accidents.

2) Less idling. Idling uses up fuel, so it is expected that carriers will be more strict about idling. However, idling can also help reduce pollution and can help make the streets safer and cleaner.

3) Better truck maintenance. Commercial trucks that need repairs are more likely to be fuel-inefficient. They are also more likely to have flaws – such as brake trouble or undetected tire defects – that can lead to an accident. By improving care of vehicles to save on fuel costs, carriers may also be making their fleets safer.

4) Using specific tires, air foils, mud flaps and other equipment. Using equipment designed to make trucks more fuel-efficient may not automatically make trucks safer. However, more attention to trucks can help carriers notice – and fix – any problems that could lead to an accident.

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