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Florida Brain Injury Awareness May Be Helped by News

A number of recent news stories have centered around the challenges of brain injuries – and the potential for recover. For example, Arizona Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords suffered severe brain injuries after being hit in the head with a bullet during a violent attack. She has slowly recovered and is now able to talk. As well, former NFL player Dave Duerson recently passed away, donating his brain tissue to research so that scientists could examine the effects of multiple head injuries which most NFL players sustain during their years on the field. The NHL has also faced increasing pressure over policies regarding head shots, which can contribute to serious brain injuries on the ice.

These news events highlight the fact that TBI (traumatic brain injury) is a wide-spread problem and doctors hope that the headlines will make everyday US residents more aware of this common type of injury. According to experts, brain injuries can happen to just about every age group. Florida slip and fall accidents, for example, cause many brain injuries among the elderly, while Florida car accidents put many adults in the hospital with serious head trauma. Soldiers in active duty, athletes on the field, and even pedestrians hit by a car walking across the street – virtually anyone can sustain a serious injury. Millions of Americans have sustained a brain injury. In Florida alone, 100 000 residents suffer from a TBI annually.

A recent campaign by The Brain Injury Association of Florida hopes to raise awareness through a special website ( and through the development of the Traumatic Brain Injury Resource & Support Center, the first such resource in the state. The Brain Injury Association of Florida is also working to convince legislators to create more funding for Florida brain injury patients and more resources for patients and their families.

According to The Brain Injury Association of Florida and other experts, brain injuries have a devastating impact on victims and their families. These types of injuries cost the country billions of dollars each year but they also devastate lives. Patients with serious brain injuries often cannot work and sometimes have problems with mobility or speech. Some brain injury patients need extensive rehabilitation and therapy as well as a lifetime of in-home help to complete basic self-care tasks. Some are never able to return to their normal lives.

Brain injuries can affect relationships and can even lead to depression and other problems. Those who suffer serious brain injuries often feel alone and frustrated by their injuries. Friends and family may not know how to help or what to do. According to The Brain Injury Association of Florida, however, support and more resources can help both patients and families recover more fully.

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