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Florida Pedestrian Accidents Involving Trucks Are Tragic

Every type of traffic accident is tragic, but perhaps few are as mismatched and as tragic as Florida pedestrian accidents involving trucks. When a truck hits a pedestrian, the pedestrian literally has no defenses available. There is often nothing between the truck and the pedestrian, meaning that fatality rates in these types of accidents are extremely high. In a passenger car, at least, the safety systems of the car as well as the metal and glass of the vehicle provide a layer of protection to the occupants inside.

What is even more tragic is that these pedestrian accidents often involve young children who simply cannot be seen by the truck driver. In many cases, young children are drawn to trucks and may play behind trucks or around trucks, where they are not visible. When the truck driver climbs into the cab, he or she may simply not see the child and either backup over them or drive over them. Children often do not notice — the way an adult would — the truck is about to move and may simply not be able to get away in time. It is one reason why it is imperative that parents teach their children to never play around trucks — even trucks that are standing still.

Even for adult pedestrians, however, the outcome for Florida truck accidents is very tragic. Since trucks are on such high wheels, adults who are standing up at the time of impact are often hit along the upper body, where the chest and head can be crushed. Florida head injuries are especially common in this type of accidents, and are often fatal.

One frightening thing about such accidents is that they are hard to stop once they begin. The pedestrian pounding on a truck or yelling cannot be heard by a truck driver. Often, there is no time to simply leap out of the way. It is very difficult for the pedestrian to get the attention of a truck driver to prevent an imminent accident, simply because trucks have so many blind spots.

The good news is that such accidents are in fact preventable. Good warning systems on trucks can let pedestrians nearby know when a truck is backing up. This helps prevent rollovers. Newer truck may make use of computer technology and small cameras which allows them to see what is happening behind the truck. This can also help reduce some of the blind spots in the truck.

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