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Could Wildfire Season Mean More Florida Truck Accidents?

According to National Weather Service and fire safety professionals, Florida may see an unusually severe wildfire season as lack of rain contributes to very dry conditions. Broward County currently has the driest ground conditions, although Palm Beach County, Martin County and Collier County also have very dry conditions, ripe for fire. According to the National Weather Service, drought in South Florida “severe” and can result in wildfires that pose health hazards and lead to Florida truck accidents and car accidents.

In Florida, wildfire season usually takes place between March and May, when dry and hot conditions make fires likely. Fires can be sparked by virtually any hazard, including cigarettes, bonfires, hot cars or trucks, lightning, and other factors. In parts of Miami-Dade County, Broward County and Palm Beach County, homes are nestled close to natural areas. This can easily cause wildfires to spread from forests and natural areas into residential areas, according to experts.

Wildfires are also a serious hazard for trucks and cars. Wildfires cause ash and other forms of air pollution which reduce road visibility considerably. Every year that wildfires are severe, many Florida truck accidents and car accidents are the result. In 2006, for example, Broward and Palm Beach counties saw five Florida car accidents each day as wildfires raged.

According to the Florida Division of Forestry, smoke and ash can descend on the roads, creating poor visibility, but also slick surfaces (especially when combined with chemicals used to douse the flames). As well, for truck drivers, the smoke can cause health problems. Smoke includes of water vapor, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, fine particles, hydrocarbons, and other substances. It can trigger an allergic reaction, asthma attacks, and other serious problems. When these problems strike a driver on the road, a car accident or truck accident could result.

The Environmental Protection Agency reports that smoke from wildfires can cause burning eyes, runny noses and even bronchitis. It can additional exacerbate respiratory and heart disease. A truck driver driving through an area affected by wildfire may not be able to see the road clearly and may suffer health problems from the smoke which makes it even more difficult to drive safely. While car drivers can choose to remain home, truck drivers may need to drive in these conditions to meet deadlines.

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