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Statistics Suggest That Florida Truck Accident Numbers Will Not Decline

According to new statistics released by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, 2010 saw more than 500 000 commercial trucks and large trucks involved in accidents across the country. More than 100 000 individuals suffered serious injuries as a result of these crashes, which also claimed more than 5000 loves. The statistics represent an increase over 2009, when only 3200 deaths were attributed to collisions involving commercial trucks and large trucks.

Experts predict that the number of Florida truck accidents and national truck accidents will continue to rise, in part due to increased demand for truck transport. Industry experts estimate that 20% more trucks will be on the roads by 2012 when compared with today.

Florida car accidents involving trucks cause devastating injuries to passengers and entire families. Due to the size and force of large trucks and commercial vehicles, collisions between these large vehicles and passenger vehicles usually results in fatalities for the occupants of the smaller car. Survivors of such accidents often face serious injuries. Many Florida spinal cord injury patients and brain injury patients sustain their injuries through traffic accidents.

Unfortunately, although Florida laws and insurance providers are designed to help victims recover, in many cases injury victims involved in a Florida truck accident find that recovering for lost income and medical costs is very challenging. In cases where a commercial truck is involved, especially, there may be multiple liable parties, including the carrier, truck driver, truck manufacturer, the owner of the products transported in the truck, the city where the accident occurred, and other parties. Determining liability often becomes difficult as each party tries to shield itself. A good Florida personal injury attorney is often needed to assist the injury victim navigate the legal aspects of such a case.

Due to the increase in truck accidents, many groups are calling for new laws which would require improved truck safety. Although there already exist many federal laws regarding speed, hours of service, and other issues which affect truck driver safety, more can be done to help enforce these laws and to implement new regulations which would keep unsafe drivers off the roads.

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