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Dealing with Burn Injuries in Hollywood and Other Florida Cities

Burn injuries are among the most painful and difficult injuries to recover from. Many people think that burns are relatively minor. However, serious burns in Hollywood and across Florida deprive patients of mobility and muscle tone and in some cases lead to permanent scarring. The scarring and pain that come from burns can lead to depression, isolation, and other serious problems.


Many people have a number of misconceptions about burns. Some of the more common myths about burns are:

1) Many people believe that burns come from fire. Chemical burns can be just as devastating. Scalding burns from hot steam and hot liquid can also cause significant scarring and other problems. Hot liquids are in fact one of the most common types of burn injuries seen in most ERs. LPG cylinders are also a very common cause of burns.

2) Many people believe that they should not put anything on a burn. According to burn and plastic surgery specialists, if your clothing catches on fire, the best option is to stop or stay still to avoid fanning the flames and then drop to the ground and roll to put out the fire. Whether you have sustained a burn injury through scalding or flame, apply cold water. Never apply ice to burn, as it can cause further damage. In the case of severe burns, head to the emergency room.

3) Many people reach for oils or ointments if they sustain a burn. Most experts agree that if the burn seems serious enough to warrant a trip to the emergency room or doctor, applying anything other than water and a clean cloth can make it harder for experts to properly diagnose the burn.

4) Some people misdiagnose the severity of the burn and the treatment options. Serious burns may require a tetanus shot, and any burn that results in a blister can be serious enough to warrant this vaccination. If you are not sure whether your burn requires treatment or not, visit your doctor. Failing to handle a burn can lead to scarring, infection, and other complications.

5) Many patients believe that they are financially covered when they are not. You may not be covered for burns under your insurance as much as you think you are. If you have medical insurance, for example, skin grafts and other procedures may not be covered because your insurance company may claim that the procedures are “cosmetic.” The same issue may occur if you file a claim through car accident insurance. Burn treatments can be very expensive and can cost tens of thousands of dollars. If you are having trouble getting treatment covered, you may have an insurance dispute claim in Hollywood or your community or you may be able to seek compensation through other means. Contact a personal injury attorney in Hollywood or your city to find out what options you have.

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