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Shopping Safe: Preventing Injuries from Consumer Products

Unfortunately, thousands of people are injured by defective products and carelessly designed products every year. These products cause minor injuries and serious injuries that include fatalities, fractures, burn injuries in Homestead, and other serious injuries. Every type of product can be affected by poor design, and although there are government agencies tasked with trying to weed out unsafe products, the sheer number of items on store shelves makes it very challenging to get rid of products and test everything very thoroughly. In addition, more products are being made overseas, and outsourcing can also make it harder to check for safety consistently.


Despite all of that, there are things you can do:

1) Vote with your dollar. Buy products from companies that have a good safety record. Read more about the companies whose products you buy and give feedback to companies to let them know that safety matters to you and your family.

2) Read instructions and consumer information carefully. Using a product correctly and being aware of risks is very important when it comes to staying safe. Whether you are assembling furniture or using new sports equipment, check to see what the safety precautions are. If something is unclear or you don’t understand the instructions, contact the customer service number of the manufacturer.

3) Go beyond the instructions. Just because a product is on the shelf, that does not mean it is safe. Use your own judgment. If a product seems flimsy, poorly made, or unsafe, return it to the store, get a refund, and write to the manufacturer to let them know about the problem.

4) Use more caution with higher-risk products. Some products just have the potential to do more harm. If your car has a defect, for example, it could lead to a car or truck collision in Homestead or your community. If your sports equipment is poorly designed, it could lead to a sports injury at your Homestead game. When it comes to child products, safety items, and vehicles, use extra caution and always check for safety standards and safety features before buying.

5) Check for recalls. The government site even allows you to sign up for email alerts, so that you can get information about recalls when they are announced.

Even if you take all precautions, of course, there is still the possibility that you will be injured by a defective product. If this happens, get medical attention and contact a personal injury attorney in Homestead or your community right away. If a manufacturer’s negligence caused your injuries, there is no reason why you should have to pay for your medical bills, lost income, and other expenses yourself.

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