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Dealing With Common Florida Truck Accident Situations

After a Florida car accident involving a truck, many injured passengers and drivers are understandably confused and stressed. In many cases, Florida truck accidents lead to fatalities and serious injuries. After a truck accident, you may also find yourself in many situations which are unfamiliar:

The Situation: Someone pressures you to sign a document, implying that you will lose your right to recover money if you don’t sign right away.
The Solution: It is vital to never sign a document without reading it very carefully and discussing it with a qualified attorney. While someone may claim that you will lose your rights by not signing, all too often the opposite is true: Florida personal injury patients sometimes find that the documents they have been pressured into signing have in fact signed away many of their rights.

The Situation: You are in an accident with a truck driver, but the driver does not want to exchange information, saying “it’s just a scratch.”
The Solution: This is another dangerous situation in which you may end up losing your rights. It is vital to exchange contact information with a driver, even in the rare event that it appears that your Florida truck accident was in fact really minor. Without exchanging contact information, you have no way of filing a claim if you find out later that the accident was more serious than it initially appeared. As well, if you don’t exchange information, you have no way of claiming that you didn’t simply leave the scene of the accident.

The Situation: You are in a hit and run accident with a truck.
The Solution: This can be a very frightening situation. Contact 911 at once to get medical assistance and to report the crime. If you notice anything distinctive about the truck, such as a registration number, write it down as soon as you can. This information can help police and investigators find the driver.

The Situation: You see a commercial truck weaving on the road.
The Solution: Contact authorities at once. A truck driving by a potentially ill, intoxicated, or fatigued driver is an immediate threat to anyone on the road. By reporting the registration number and location of the truck, you may be able to help prevent a Florida drunk driving accident.

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