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Holiday Fatigue Causes More Than Just Florida Car Accidents

Much has been written in recent years about the dangers of driving while fatigued. Tired drivers not only contribute to many Florida car accidents and traffic accidents, but they often make errors that lead to pedestrian accidents, too. Fatigue is common during the holiday season, when many of us face daunting to-do lists and hectic schedules, but fatigue can be a danger during the holiday season because it can lead to many types of accidents and injuries:

1) Injuries to minors and children. Children need constant supervision, especially during the holiday season, when they are home from school. Tired parents simply cannot keep up with smaller children, leaving children to their own devices – and free to get into any number of accidents.

2) Burn injuries. Being too tired and out of focus can mean leaving candles burning or a stove on, which can all too easily lead to a fire. Every holiday season, some Florida burn injuries and fires are caused by individuals who simply forget to unplug holiday decorations or blow out that candle.

3) Premises liability claims. With more guests arriving at our doors, it is important to keep our homes safe – no matter how long our to-do list is already. Clearing sidewalks, keeping our walkways well-lit and generally maintaining our property helps prevent Florida slip and fall accidents as well as other incidents which can easily lead to a lawsuit.

Sleep may be at a premium during the holidays, but it is important to remember that fatigue clouds our judgment and slows our response times. In fact, this is why driving tired can be as dangerous as driving drunk. When we’re tired, we also have a hard time keeping a handle on the minor dangers in our lives and we sometimes forget to take the small steps that can help prevent an accident or injury.

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