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Dog Bites Are Not the Only Dog-Related Injuries to Minors and Children

Dog bites get a lot of media attention, especially when they cause injuries to minors and children. However, bites are not the only dog-related injuries that need to be considered. Each year, Florida attorneys see many personal injury cases related to dogs, and some of these do not involve bites. The fact is, dogs can knock people over, cause car accidents, upset bicycles, and can cause injury with their claws. In all these cases, owners can be held liable for the injuries their pets can cause.

Dogs that knock people over can cause serious injuries. In fact, being knocked over by a dog can cause some of the same serious injuries as a slip and fall accident. Victims can experience broken bones and even serious injuries such as spinal cord injuries and brain injuries. Plus, in many cases when a dog knocks someone down, the dog will climb up on the prone person. This can cause further injuries, and even internal injuries, especially if the dog is large.

Although dogs do not have sharp claws, they can claw or scratch people. Since large dogs often have more physical strength than a cat or other small animal, dog scratches can be deep and can lead to disfigurement. Some scratches require medical treatment and some can become infected.

Dogs can also be a danger on the road. Dogs will sometimes chase bicycles or cars, causing accidents on the road. Cars will sometimes swerve to avoid a dog, only to cause a fatal accident. Bicyclists also need to watch out for dogs that are not on a leash. Dogs will sometimes jump up on the handlebars or become tangled up in the wheels, causing an accident. Each year, road accidents caused by dogs result in fatalities and serious injuries.

You do not have to be bitten by a dog to have a personal injury case. If a dog has caused a personal injury that is costing you lost income or excessive medical expenses, you have a right under the law to seek legal help. A qualified Florida attorney can help ensure that you get all the assistance you are entitled to.