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Florida Dog Bite Prevention Is Crucial in the Summer

Dog bites affect thousands of people in Florida each year. Dog bites are a problem for both adults and children. They can lead to disfiguring personal injuries, permanent muscle injuries, and psychological trauma. In cases involving small children, dog bites can even prove fatal.

In the summer, dog bites in Florida can be a more common issue. The pleasant summer days can mean that more pet owners leave their dogs outdoors unattended and more people are out enjoying the excellent weather as well. This means that pets and humans come into contact more often, creating more opportunities for dog bites. Experts suggest a few basic guidelines to prevent dog bites:
1) Never assume that a dog will not bite. Even seemingly pleasant dogs will sometimes lash out. It is best to only pet a dog when the owner is present. It is also important to ask the owner’s permission before trying to touch or pet a dog. The owner can warn you about a dog’s bad temperament or tendency to bite.

2) Do not make sudden moves around a dog. Once the owner is present and has given permission to touch or pet the dog, always approach the animal slowly. Always offer the back of your hand for the dog to sniff before attempting to make any contact.

3) Recognize bad times to pet or touch a dog. Never approach or attempt to touch a dog that is sleeping or eating. You may startle the animal into biting. Also, avoid approaching or touching a dog that has puppies. Dogs can be more prone to biting when they are disturbed while eating, sleeping, or nursing.

4) Never leave a child alone with a dog.

5) Know what behaviour can lead to biting. Avoid approaching a dog that is in a small or enclosed space. In this situation, your approach may seem threatening to the animal. Also, avoid staring into the dog’s eyes or engaging in rough play.

6) Be careful when you are engaged in a moving activity around dogs. If you are jogging, in-line skating, walking, or bicycling, your movement may attract dogs. If a dog on a long leash or a dog without a leash approaches you while you are in movement, you should not speed up. The dog may outrun you and you may collide with the animal. Instead, keep still until the dog loses interest in you or until the owner can help you.

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