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What to Do When a Florida Personal Injury Case is “Catastrophic”

Some personal injuries are serious but still leave the victim with a good chance of recovery. For example, someone who fractures a bone in a slip and fall accident may suffer injury and lost income, but may eventually recover fully and lead a normal, full life. On the other hand, some personal injuries are what can be called “catastrophic.” These injuries lead to long-term or permanent effect such as permanent disability, significant suffering, or a shorter lifespan.

If your personal injury seems very serious, it is important to seek help from a qualified Florida attorney who has experience with similar, serious injuries. A good attorney will often help you understand some of the long-term possibilities of a serious injury. For example, serious injuries to minors and children can mean repeated surgeries or treatments to accommodate growth, in addition to treatments for the injury itself. An injury in childhood may even affect normal development. Being able to foresee these medical expenses and problems can help you and your attorney get fair compensation and fair help.

Brain injuries and spinal cord injuries are two types of personal injury that often are catastrophic to an entire family. Someone who suffers a brain injury may require a lifetime of care and may even experience changes of personality, which may be very difficult for a family to deal with. A victim of spinal cord injury may lose motor function partly or completely. Present medical science is limited when it comes to spinal cord injuries. While in the future some medical advances may create more options for patients, right now patients may face a lifetime of disability.

Burn injuries not only require expensive cosmetic surgery – which is rarely covered by medical insurance – but can also leave permanent scars that cause serious trauma and upset. While a victim will sometimes get some compensation for the cosmetic treatments, he or she may not get help for therapy, even when it is needed. Some burn injuries also cause muscle or nerve damage that require years of rehabilitative work.

Obviously, injuries can cause terrible and expensive repercussions. Unfortunately, insurance does not always help. In fact, some of the most dangerous drivers out there are underinsured or carry no insurance at all. This means that if you are in a car accident and suffer a serious injury, you may not be able to get much help from insurance providers. Even in cases where insurance is in place, insurance companies will not simply give away all the money needed for long-term care. A good Florida attorney with personal injury experience is imperative to help juries understand the long-term costs and needs that face someone who has faced a serious injury.

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