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Don’t Get Taken in By a Scam After Your Florida Truck Accident

After a Florida truck accident or car accident, you will likely be frightened and worried. You may worry about the medical costs or the lost income you are facing and you may feel overwhelmed by the insurance claims process or forms you need to sign. Unfortunately, there are some people who will take advantage of your situation and may try to create further problems for you by luring you into scams.

Recently, for example, police have been investigating a fraudulent accident help line known as Latina de Accidentes. Authorities allege that while the accident line claimed to send interpreters to accident victims, the people who operated the business pressured callers to commit medical fraud by claiming injuries they did not have.

If you have been in a Florida car accident or truck accident, there are many red flag signs you will need to watch out for:

1) Attorneys who guarantee a result or a recovery amount. No experienced attorney can guarantee an outcome for your case. By hiring a qualified, experienced attorney, you can increase the odds of a fair recovery. However, attorneys know that there are simply no guarantees in a Florida car accident or truck accident case and honest attorneys will make this clear.

2) Insurance professionals who claim you will not receive any money unless you sign a document immediately – without reading it carefully. You should never sign a document after your accident without first consulting a good Florida personal injury attorney. If someone pressures you into something you don’t understand, be wary. You could end up signing away your rights for a lowball offer.

3) Drivers who try to get you to accept blame or try to get you to drive away from any accident. If you have been in a Florida truck accident or car accident, you should not accept any blame. There is simply no way to tell who is liable without a good investigation. Similarly, you should always exchange contact information, insurance information, and license plate numbers with the other driver. If you do not, the other driver may accuse you of a hit and run accident.

4) “Too good to be true” offers. If someone offers you something that simple seems too good to be true – like a guarantee of a million dollar settlement for very minor injuries – proceed with caution. Often, scammers make elaborate offers to hook you in. Always consult with a legitimate and experienced Florida personal injury attorney before agreeing to anything after your accident.

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