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Stopping Florida Bicycling Accidents

Florida leads the nation in fatal bicycle accidents. Florida bicycle accidents happen all too often and often lead to life-threatening and fatal injuries, such as spinal cord injuries and brain injuries. Florida bicycle accidents devastate families and also cost communities a great deal in recovery costs and in stresses placed on health care and emergency response systems. Preventing Florida pedestrian and bicycle accidents makes the roads safer for everyone and benefits everyone.

Communities that are bicycle-friendly reap many benefits. When residents feel comfortable taking their bicycles on errands or on a commute, residents reap all the benefits of exercise. When communities are bicycle-friendly they also tend to be more pleasant places to spend time in. There are many ways that Florida communities can help prevent Florida bicycle accidents:

1) More green spaces for walking and bicycling. Green spaces mean fewer accidents because pedestrians and bicyclists are kept away from cars. At the same time, green spaces also promote community and outdoor activity and have a beneficial effect on the environment. Communities that create networks of trails and paths allow pedestrians and bicyclists to get to their destinations safely.

2) Create more bicycle lanes and paths. Again, keeping motorists and bicyclists apart ensures fewer Florida car accidents involving bicycles, simply because there are fewer opportunities for the two types of transportation to meet. As well, when bicycles are kept on a separate path or lane, motorists know exactly where bicyclists are, ensuring fewer “surprises.”
3) Public education. Alerting drivers and bicyclists alike to the dangers of reckless behavior is a good place to start. Motorists and bicyclists need to understand how to respect bicycle lanes and need to know how reckless behaviors often lead to Florida accidents.

4) Law enforcement. Unfortunately, education alone is often enough. Some motorists and bicyclists simply engage in risky or reckless behaviors that eventually lead to Florida car accidents and bicycle accidents. Strict enforcement of laws help ensure that such motorists and bicyclists are compelled to immediately bear the cost of their behavior.

5) Helmets and lights. According to, about 60% of Florida bike accidents are caused by bicyclists who choose to ride at night without adequate lights. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, brain injuries resulting from bicycle accidents could be reduced by 85% if bicyclists wore proper bicycle helmets each time they rode.

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