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During This Busy Time of Year, Do Not Ignore Symptoms of a Serious Personal Injury

At this time of year, many of us are so busy that we tend to easily overlook injuries, minor accidents, and health problems. Unfortunately, small problems can quickly become major issues. If you fall down in a slip and fall accident, are involved in a minor fender bender, or otherwise are injured, take the time to carefully evaluate your condition and see a physician if necessary to ensure that your injury won’t cause you problems later on. Head injuries can be especially pernicious, in that they may initially present few or no symptoms, even when a serious head injury has been sustained. Never ignore these symptoms after you’ve had an accident:

1) Dizziness or headaches after a head injury. A good rule of thumb is that if you have sustained any bump to the head, you should have it checked out by a qualified medical professional. It is difficult for anyone but a physician to accurately evaluate how serious a head injury is initially. Some people fall down and feel perfectly fine after hitting their head, only to succumb to head injuries later on. Do not let this happen to you. If you notice any vision problems, pain, dizziness, or any other worrisome symptoms after hitting your head, get your injury evaluated by a doctor.

2) Unexplained stomach upsets, fever, or other sudden symptoms. At this time of year, serious flu viruses are rampant, foodborne illnesses are quite common, and illnesses can be all too easily overlooked. If you suddenly develop any sort of severe symptoms, or worrisome symptoms, make an appointment with your doctor. If you need treatment, it’s important not to delay this treatment.

3) Severe pain following a fall or accident. If you fall or get injured in an accident and find that your limbs, muscles, or back are very sore or you are experiencing difficulties with mobility, seek help from a qualified medical professional. You may have strained something, sustained an injury to a muscle group, or even sustained a hairline fracture. Getting these things fixed promptly will ensure fewer complications.

4) Severe burns or cuts. Most of us spend more time in the kitchen during the holidays, preparing special treats. Unfortunately, more time in the kitchen and more rushing about can also mean more kitchen cuts as well as more burn injuries. If you burn yourself, and you are experiencing reduced sensation in the area or if you’re concerned, speak to a doctor about your injury. If you cut yourself and are having trouble stopping the bleeding, seek emergency help right away.