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There are Many Ways Drivers Can Prevent Truck Accidents

Drivers of passenger vehicles can do many things to prevent truck accidents. While not all trucking accidents are car-truck collisions, drivers of passenger vehicles do often make mistakes on the road which can cause a truck to lose control and veer off the road or into another vehicle. Every passenger vehicle driver on the road should:

1) Consider exit strategies when driving. If you are on the road, think ahead and consider where you could go if you needed to swerve suddenly. Thinking ahead ensures that you can react quickly. Keep in mind that trucks react more slowly due to their bulk, so defensive driving may be in your hands. Keep your eyes moving well ahead of you so that you can anticipate problems.

2) Use your hazards. When you need to slow down to avoid an obstacle on the road, put on your flashers. Trucks behind you need extra time to stop, and your lights let them know ahead of time to start braking. This can help prevent a nasty accident and the personal injuries such an accident can cause.

3) Use extra caution on highways. It is on highways that you share the road more frequently with truck drivers. The higher speed limits in these areas can also make any car-truck collision more deadly. When driving on the highway, be on extra alert and avoid any distractions at all costs. Put your complete focus on the road.

4) Use extra caution at night. Many truck drivers drive during odd hours, including night time, in order to make delivery deadlines. Unfortunately, for both passenger vehicle drivers and truck drivers, night driving also means drowsiness and poor visibility. Avoid driving at night if you do not need to and be prepared to share the road with truck drivers if you are on the road at night. Slow down and make sure other drivers on the road – including truck drivers – can see you.

5) Note the weather. Even tiny amounts of rain can cause slick conditions when droplets combine with oil spills and residue on roadways. Even if the weather is not too bad, this is a very good reason to slow down. Keep in mind that truck drivers can also slip on slippery spots on the road. If you are both speeding when you collide, fatalities are very likely.