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Emergency Rooms Across Florida Bracing Themselves for Personal Injury Reports During the Holiday Weekend

Emergency rooms in Miami and across the country are getting ready for the upcoming holiday weekend. According to experts, Miami burn injuries caused by fireworks and Miami drunk driving accidents are among the most common holiday injuries seen during this time of the summer.

Although fireworks are a major part of any Fourth of July weekend, they also cause many injuries each year. Across the country, about 1600 people lose their vision due to mishaps with fireworks annually. These types of accidents are more common during the Fourth of July season, since fireworks are more common at this time of year. According to experts, one common mistake that people make is assuming that fireworks sold in stores or online are harmless, since they are offered for public sale. However, even sparklers – often seen as the least dangerous of fireworks – can reach the same temperature as a blowtorch (about 2000 degrees). In addition, fireworks can easily explode unexpectedly or prematurely, causing facial and eye injuries.

In most cases, those who are seriously injured by fireworks are under the age of 15 years old. Many children are fascinated by fireworks, and parents need to be vigilant at this time of year to ensure that children do not get unsupervised access to sparklers and other types of fireworks. It is important to discuss the dangers of fireworks with children and if the family will be having their own fireworks display it is important to keep fireworks carefully and safely stored where children and teens cannot easily reach them. To prevent Miami injuries to children and teens, it is also important to safely dispose of unused fireworks after the holiday. Due to the dangers of fireworks, many experts advise against having personal fireworks displays and instead suggest that families attend public fireworks events, which are organized by professionals for maximum safety.

In addition to fireworks injuries, Miami car accidents involving alcohol are very common at this time of year. Many Fourth of July events do include alcohol and after these events some drivers make poor choices about getting home. It is a good idea to investigate the options near your area – there may be alcohol-free festivities you can attend or free public transportation options so that you can get home safely. Even if you do not plan on drinking, it is important to have cash for a cab and other options for getting home safe. Planning ahead ensures that even if you do end up drinking you can get home safely without being in a DUI Miami car accident.

The Flaxman Law Group is proud to be part of the Miami community and wishes everyone in the city and across the state a safe and happy Fourth of July weekend. Since accidents and injuries can occur even during the holidays, the Flaxman Law Group will continue to keep phones staffed so that you can always reach a live operator if you are injured this weekend. Contact the Flaxman Law Group at any time to arrange for a free consultation to discuss your injury.