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Experiencing Hearing Loss in Miami Beach

Hearing loss can occur after a Miami Beach car accident, fall, assault, or any situation where a head injury occurs. If the temporal or parietal lobes are injured, hearing loss can happen. Hearing loss can also occur gradually with exposure to very loud noises, which is a common occurrence in some workplaces.


If you have suffered hearing loss, you may wish to consider whether there are liable parties. If your injury was caused by a traffic collision, workplace injury, exposure to noise at work, or any situation where there may be liable parties, you may wish to consult with a Miami Beach hearing loss claims attorney to discuss your options.

Diagnosing and Managing Hearing Loss

If you have suffered an injury or have worked in a noisy environment and notice hearing loss, you will need to visit a doctor. You may be directed to a specialist known as an audiologist. An audiologist can check for bone fractures or physical injuries which can contribute to hearing loss. He or she can also conduct an audiometer test, whisper test, or tuning fork test to diagnose the type of hearing loss you have experienced.

One you have a correct diagnosis, treatment can begin. Miami Beach residents have access to many types of effective, modern treatments, including surgeries which can repair the eardrum or remove bone growth which may be affecting hearing. Some patients benefit from bone-anchored hearing devices or hearing aids. In some cases, cochlear implants are recommended. These can stimulate the auditory nerve, bypassing the inner ear.

For patients who have suffered a head injury, interhemispheric transfer training and auditory discrimination training can help train the brain to correctly interpret sounds again.

In addition to treatment, patients may need counseling or support if hearing loss is affecting their mental health. They may need pain management or pain medication if their injury is painful or may need rehabilitation or support to adapt to life with their injury.

Getting Compensation for Hearing Loss

If your hearing loss occurred in Miami Beach or anywhere in Florida, you may be able to seek compensation if your injury was caused by someone’s negligence. For example, if your workplace failed to provide safety equipment to protect your ears or failed to offer training to help you protect your hearing, you may wish to consult with a Miami Beach hearing loss claims attorney.

It can be important to seek compensation for your injury if you qualify because hearing loss can be expensive. Compensation can help you pay for audiologist visits lost time at work, and cochlear implants or other treatment. In cases where hearing loss is permanent, keep in mind that costs related to the injury can be permanent, too. Hearing aids will need to be replaced for a lifetime and regular visits to an audiologist may be needed to manage the condition. Seeking compensation now helps you seek financial resources for these upcoming costs, too.

If your hearing has been affected by someone’s recklessness or wrongful act, contact Flaxman Law Group at 1-866-352-9626 (1-866-FLAXMAN) for a free accident consultation with a Miami Beach hearing loss claims attorney. Our legal team has more than 60 years of combined experience and we can review your situation to help you determine whether you may have a claim.

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