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Florida Bus Accidents are Rare, But Other Traffic Accidents are a Problem

A 2007 study published in the American Journal of Epidemiology revealed that bus accidents are far more rare than most other types of accidents. According to the study, the annualized injury rates for motorcycles was 10, 336. For bicycles it was 1,461 and for cars it was 803. The annualized injury rates for walking was 216 and for buses it was 161. The conclusion the researchers reached was that those riding a bus are far less likely to be killed than motorists, cyclists, or pedestrians.

There are many possible reasons for this. The sheer size of a bus protects passengers inside of it in a collision, especially if that collision is with a smaller vehicle, such as a passenger vehicle. As well, the size of the bus may distribute the force of a crash differently than a smaller vehicle, protecting passengers. As well, buses tend to travel more slowly, which can contribute to the fact that Florida bus accidents are rarer than Florida car accidents and other traffic accidents.

According to the 2007 study, the fatality rates for different vehicles also vary widely. For motorcycles, the fatality rate is 537, while for bicycles it is 21 and for pedestrians it is 14. For a car, fatality rates are 9 and for a bus only 0.4, according to researchers. The researchers further found that there are differences in fatalities and injuries by age. For example, for children under the age of 4, virtually all traffic-related injuries occur while walking or in a car. This may be because parents are less likely to take their children aboard public transportation. However, it can also be because buses are a safer way to travel overall, resulting in fewer injuries.

Another factor that can affect bus accident rates may also be the risk factors associated with other types of vehicles and modes of transport. Most modes of transportation have serious vulnerabilities. Florida pedestrian accidents, for example, often lead to serious injuries and fatalities because pedestrians are virtually unprotected in an accident – their bodies bear the direct brunt force of a large vehicle. Bicyclists and motorcyclists similarly have little protection when compared with bus passengers. Car drivers, on the other hand, can easily take risks which can lead to an accident while bus drivers are carefully trained and monitored to avoid such risks.

While bus accidents are rare, they can occur. During the holiday season, it is important to exercise extra caution. Buses may be more crowded with holiday shoppers and steps may get slippery as the holiday weather arrives. It is important to travel wearing sturdy shoes and comfortable clothes. Where possible, sit down in a bus or grip a bar or overhead bar in order to secure your position. Wait until the bus comes to a complete stop before walking towards an exit.

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