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Off-Road Florida Truck Accidents

While commercial Florida truck accidents grab a lot of headlines, there is a disturbing trend when it comes to traffic accidents in the states. More and more people are taking their personal trucks off the road for recreational purposes. This type of driving has a whole new set of risk factors and dangers which can lead to accidents. Trucks such as Hummers, trail-ready 4×4 trucks, and other trucks marketed for off-road recreation provide a new sense of freedom, but experts note that these trucks also mean plenty of new dangers. Drivers interested in off-road truck driving need to:

1) Drive within their ability. Driving on hard-packed sand, soft sand, mud, and hilly areas requires very different skill sets than driving on city streets. Drivers should begin on simple trails and proceed with their ability. Driving slow is also important, as it allows drivers to adjust to new conditions.

2) Keep an eye out ahead. Unlike city driving, off-roading comes with many more surprises. Sudden obstacles, changes in terrain and other hazards can easily lead to a collision or a rollover. If possible, drivers should walk through a terrain before driving it or should at least scan the road well ahead and proceed carefully and slowly.

3) Drive straight down steep areas. Any diagonal driving is likely to result in a rollover. If you are driving off-camber, slow down and keep your tires in the tracks. If you start to slide to the side, stop if you are going off the track. If you cannot prevent a rollover, turn the vehicle into the slide. Grip your seat bottom if you can.

4) Adjust tire pressure. If you are driving on sand and gravel, reduce pressure to between 18 and 20 psi. Check your manufacturer’s label and owner’s manual for the specific tire pressure for the conditions you will be facing.
5) Learn to approach obstacles. If you need to drive over a log, large rock, or ditch, drive slowly and ensure that you drive over the obstacle one wheel at a time. Usually, this will mean that you need to approach the obstacle at an angle. This can help ensure that you do not get stuck with two tires over the obstacle and the other two caught.

6) Pay close attention to your tires. Tires designed specifically for off-roading are important, but maintaining your tires correctly is equally so. Pay attention to tire recalls and known tire defects. Replace your tires if they get worn or damaged in any way. Good tires are what help you control your truck when you go off-road.

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