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The Holidays Mean More Trucks on the Road – Are You Ready?

During the holiday season, there are more trucks on Florida roads, which can increase the risk of Florida truck accidents. Many companies hire extra truck drivers or truck companies in order to deliver holiday products for the holiday rush. As well, more customers at this time of year are ordering special services, such as delivery and courier services, putting even more trucks on the road. A Florida car accident involving a truck is likely to be a fatal accident. To protect yourself and your loved ones, there are several things you can do:

1) Keep your vehicle in good shape. Have your car regularly serviced, and make sure that your breaks, shocks, tires, and other vehicle systems are in good shape. When your car is in good operational order, it responds better. Those few extra seconds this can buy could save your life.

2) Keep yourself driver-ready. Your car is not the only thing that can decide on a Florida car accident. If you are driving while fatigued or after drinking, your response times may be too slow to avert an accident. Get plenty of rest and never drink and drive. If you are sick, avoid driving, especially if you are taking medications which may make you drowsy.

3) Make sure that everyone in your family knows the dangers of trucks. All drivers in your family should know the basics of sharing the road with trucks. Review the basic rules – such as giving trucks plenty of room and staying out of blind spots – especially with any new drivers in your home.

4) Keep the pedestrians in your home safe. Florida pedestrian accidents involving trucks are devastating, so it is important to help your children see the dangers of trucks early on. During the holiday season, courier and delivery trucks often arrive on residential streets. Encourage children to play indoors or in fenced yard areas. Teach children not to go near trucks – even parked ones. Drivers may not see children in their blind spots and children may simply be too curious about a truck to keep in mind where a truck’s blind spots are.

5) Report any dangerous driving you see. If you see a truck driver driving erratically, note the registration number. When it is safe to do so, report the incident. Getting bad truck drivers off the roads leaves more room for safe truck drivers to share the road with other motorists.

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