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Florida Consumer Alert – Fluids in Microwave Ovens Can Cause Serious Burn Injuries

Most homes in Florida today have microwave ovens. Microwaves allow for easy reheating, cooking, and thawing. However, according to the FDA, microwave ovens can also potentially lead to serious burn injuries. According to the FDA, there have been reports of serious skin burning and scalding, especially on people’s faces and hands. This has resulted when hot water heated in a microwave overflows or erupts out of a cup because of overheating in the microwave oven.

The problem seems to stem from the fact that water in a microwave oven can easily be overheated, causing superheated water, or water that is past its boiling temperature. Even though the water does not to boil, it can in fact be superheated and can cause an eruption when removed from the microwave oven. There is no way to tell whether the water is a danger simply by looking at the fluid.

According to the FDA, the risk of burns is high especially when water is heated in a clean cup in the microwave. The risk of burn injuries is greatly reduced if other items are added to the water before heating. For example, adding instant coffee, cocoa, sugar, and other items into the water greatly reduces the risk of burning. In cases where water is superheated in the microwave, any small disturbance or movement will cause the water to violently erupt, and will cause the boiling water to explode out of the cup or container. For example, someone removing the cup from the microwave, pouring in a spoonful of coffee or sugar, may inadvertently provoke violent explosion of the water out of the cup.

According to the FDA, there are several things that customers can do to avoid superheated water in microwave ovens. Firstly, they recommend that all customers read the instructions, precautions, and recommendations found in the instruction manual for their microwave oven. The microwave oven instruction manual should offer the heating time for liquids and other items. Avoid using excessive amounts of time when heating liquids or water in the microwave. According to the FDA, eggs should also be scrambled or pierced before being heated. Eggs, too, can also overheat and explode onto customers faces and hands, causing serious burn injuries. To prevent burn injuries to minors and children, children should always be supervised when using microwaves.

The FDA also recommends that customers look at the microwave oven they own to find out the best time setting and the best temperature setting for heating water. Customers should use this setting regularly to heat the water only to the desired temperature. Heating the water excessively will not be helpful, and as these reports suggest, may be dangerous.

Of course, some burn injuries resulting from household appliances are caused by defective products. Customers may want to check recall notices to determine whether their microwave ovens have flaws that can be harmful. If you or a loved one has been injured by superheated water resulting from a defective microwave oven or other appliance, you may need to launch a products liability case in order to get all the help you are legally entitled to under the law. Contact a good Florida attorney in order to discuss all your legal options.