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Florida Risk Factors for Slip and Fall Accidents

Do you have these risk factors for slip and fall accidents:
1) Age. Those over 65 are more likely to suffer from slip and fall accidents and are more likely to sustain serious personal injury as a result of the accident.
2) Footwear. Shoes with smooth leather soles, high-heeled shoes, and backless shoes can all contribute to falls. Poorly maintained shoes – such as shoes with soles unevenly worn down – can also contribute to poor foot health and falls. Wearing sturdy, well-fitted shoes with good treads increases the likelihood that you can avoid a fall.
3) Sensory problems. If you cannot hear, see, or smell properly, you may miss important environmental cues about dangers. For example, you might not see a small warning sign or miss the smell of fresh asphalt before you slip in it. Walking in well-lit areas and having a doctor supervise your medical conditions can help.
4) Confusion. Even momentary confusion can cause you to misstep and fall. If you feel disoriented, rest and wait before resuming walking.
5) Medicine. Some medication causes side effects such as weakness, confusion, low blood pressure, disorientation, drowsiness, and dizziness. In other cases, drug interactions can cause these side effects. Talk to your doctor about all the medication you are taking — including over-the-counter medicines – to find out which ones might cause falls and what can be done to reduce the risk.
6) Illness. Some medical conditions – including infections, cardiovascular disorders, blood pressure conditions, Parkinson’s disease, dementia, and others – can cause symptoms that can cause you to fall. This is why seeking medical advice after a fall is important, even if you have not been injured. Your doctor can tell you whether a condition is causing the falls and can help you combat the condition so that you are less prone to falling.
7) Environment. A slick floor, incorrectly lit or maintained sidewalk, or debris can all cause a fall. Making changes to make your home safer can be an important first step in preventing falls.
In cases where someone’s negligence has caused you to fall, Florida law protects you and ensures that you are eligible to receive help so that you can afford the best treatment possible. If you need to speak to a Florida attorney, you can enjoy a free, no-obligation consultation with a qualified Florida lawyer simply by calling 1- 800-535-2962 (1 800 5 FLAXMAN).