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Florida Seniors and Falls

Florida has long been seen as a haven for retirees, who enjoy the warm climate, natural beauty, and many resources that the state has to offer. Unfortunately, Florida retirees, like older Americans everywhere, face a common danger: slip and falls. More than a third of all persons age 65 years or older fall each year. Annually, more than 1.6 million elderly U.S. adults visit emergency rooms as a result of fall-related personal injuries. In fact, falls are the leading cause of fractures, loss of independency, injury-related deaths, and hospital admissions for trauma among the elderly. Hip fractures among slip and fall victims are especially problematic. 50% of elderly adults who suffer a broken hip can return home and live independently after the accident.
Some elderly persons are so afraid of falling that they avoid common activities. If you are 65 years or older and worried about slip and fall accidents, talk to your doctor. He or she may suggest physical therapy which can help you regain strength and confidence in walking. Also, be sure to speak with your doctor about conditions such as low blood pressure and diabetes, which can lead to falls, and talk about any medication you are taking. These are some of the more preventable causes of falls.
If you do have a fall, even a minor one, speak with your doctor. He or she can examine you to make sure that there has been no minor personal injury that might flare up over time. He or she may also recommend physical therapy, a walking aid, or other measures that can help you prevent similar accidents down the road.
You can also help prevent falls by exercising regularly. Speak with your doctor about exercises you can do that can improve your agility and strength and can give you more confidence as well. Muscle weakness leads to many falls, so making sure that your muscles are strong can help you avoid falls and accidents. Exercise can also help strengthen your bones, so that they are less likely to fracture if you do fall. Make sure that you have your eyes tested regularly, as well. Good eye sight can help you see and avoid possible dangers as you walk.
Another way to increase confidence in walking is to become familiar with walking routes and to become proactive in pointing out dangers. Once you become familiar with a walking route, you can gain confidence in your ability to navigate that walk. You can get to know a new route by walking it a few times with a friend. If you notice poorly-maintained sidewalks or other dangers to pedestrians, call your city to find out where you can report these dangers.
If you do have a slip and fall accident that has been caused by someone’s recklessness, you can still maintain your independence. Florida law protects you and ensures that you may be eligible to receive assistance that can help you recover fully and continue to live independently. If you need an experienced Florida attorney because you have had a slip and fall accident, arrange for a free, no-obligation consultation by calling 1- 800-535-2962 (1 800 5 FLAXMAN).