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Florida Truck Accidents and Mexico

Over the past few years, there have been concerns and debates about the possibility of allowing Mexican commercial five axle tractor-trailer trucks on US roads. Some people have claimed that allowing these trucks on the roads of the US will result in more truck accidents and car accidents in Florida and in every other state. Among the concerns raised are:

1) Differing regulations. There are federal rules which place severe restrictions on US truck carriers and truck drivers. Load limits, safety inspections, hours of service regulations, licensing and training standards, and other rules have been developed over time to ensure that the roads are as safe as possible. Mexico is a different country with different laws and therefore there is a concern that the laws which keep US trucks safer will simply not be in place in trucks from a different country.

2) Safety issues. There are concerns about whether trucks from another country will meet the same safety standards as domestic trucks.

3) Legal issues. Currently, any truck accident involving a commercial truck is tricky to litigate. Insurance carriers, truck companies, driver unions and other stakeholders get involved and there are many legal issues at play. Some Florida truck accident victims wait months or even years for their cases to work their way through the courts. There is a concern that cases involving Mexican trucks and truck drivers would be even harder to litigate, due to extradition problems, different laws, and the high risk of flight for suspected non-domestic drivers.

4) Regulatory problems. When a truck is deemed not fit for the road in the US, there are a number of authorities who can step in to take the truck off the road. However, there are concerns that trucks from Mexico driving on US roads would be harder to regulate. Would carriers from another country obey US standards and regulations different than their own? Would local authorities be able to exert authority over driver and truck companies from a different country?

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