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Summer Personal Injuries in Florida – How to Prevent Them

Personal injuries are quite common in Florida in the summer. There are many types of injuries that can take place – and many ways to prevent them:

1) Boating injuries. Florida has many options for water enthusiasts, and boating along the state’s many waterways is a time-honored way to celebrate beautiful weather. However, Florida is also one of the leading regions for boating accidents. Proper training, a well-maintained boat, sober boating, and safety equipment on board every boat can help prevent many Florida boating accidents.

2) Pool injuries. At this time of year, many people enjoy cooling off in a sparkling pool. Unfortunately, pools can also cause injuries – and spark Florida premises liability action. If you have a pool, keep in well-maintained and when you are not using your pool keep it well-covered and beyond a locked gate. An alarm system for your pool can be useful in letting you know if anyone is accessing the pool area without your permission.

3) Florida car accidents. Since many people travel more during the summer, Florida car accidents can increase over the summer months, especially on weekends. Summer holidays and barbeques can also lead to Florida drunk driving accidents. Extra caution is needed on the roads at all times.

4) Injuries to children and minors. With children home from school for the summer, home-based accidents become more common. Supervision and safety devices can help prevent many of these accidents.

5) Burn injuries. Summer often means campfires, barbeques, and even electric and all-natural insect repellants that can cause burn injuries. Avoid fires and injuries by using the right tools when cooking with an open flame and by keeping all outdoor cooking well away from flammable materials and your home.

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