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Help a Loved One Avoid Slip and Fall Accidents

If you have elderly family members, slip and fall accidents can be a real risk, especially at this time of year. Spills, rainy weather, and the general rush of the season can all contribute to trips and slip and fall accidents. There many ways you can help elderly family members avoid slip and fall injury in Homestead and Florida during this time of year:


1) Make sure loved ones get medical attention.

Vision problems, certain medications, and some medical conditions can increase the chances of falls. Make sure that your elderly family members have been to the doctor recently, have up-to-date medication, and have a clean bill of health. If an elderly family member has a condition that puts them at risk of falls, speak with the doctor and with your family about ways to reduce the risk as far as possible.

2) Make sure your elderly family members have appropriate footwear.

Sturdy shoes with good treads can ensure proper grip of flooring surfaces and can prevent many falls. It is important when choosing shoes to also look for the correct size, as shoes that are too large can create a tripping hazard.

3) Check the tips of walkers and canes.

If these have become worn, they won’t provide the correct grip and can pose a fall hazard. Replace these tips if necessary.

4) Help with outdoor maintenance.

Hanging decorations, taking care of yard work, and taking care of other maintenance tasks can pose a hazard for the elderly, especially for those who have existing condition such as cardiac issues. Assisting with these simple tasks can help keep a loved one safer. It can also be a good way to spend some quality time with a family member which can also help with the feelings of isolation and loneliness that can occur, especially at this time of year.

5) Make sure that your elderly family members live in a safe environment.

Whether elderly loved ones live with you or live in an assisted living facility, retirement home, or nursing home, make sure that their environment is safe. This means installing grab bars in the bathroom if they are needed and ensuring that hallways and stairs have no-slip floor surfaces that reduce the risk of falls. Make sure that there are no obstacles in the way of walkways and pathways and ensure that both indoor and outdoor areas are well lighted. Rugs, uneven surfaces, and carpets can also mean a tripping hazard and should be addressed.

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