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Hit and Run Pedestrian and Car Accident Rates in Miami are Among the Highest in the State

Florida has the unfortunate distinction of having one of the highest rates of pedestrian and hit and run crashes. Of all communities in Florida, Miami is known as having some of the highest instances of these types of accidents. In fact, according to The Miami Herald and the Huffington Post, Miami-Dade County has the most hit and run car accidents in the state. In 2012, the county saw 12,813 of these collisions, or an average of 35 per day.


There are many reasons why hit and run car and truck accidents happen in Miami:

•At-fault drivers may be driving without insurance, with a suspended license, or with no license
•At-fault drivers may panic and may drive from the scene of the accident without stopping to exchange contact information
•At-fault drivers may have a criminal record and may have a warrant out for their arrest or may be doing something illegal, so they seek to avoid contact with police and other authorities
•At-fault drivers may be driving under the influence and may not want to face the consequences of their actions
•At-fault drivers may not want their insurance rates to increase, so may drive off in order to avoid being blamed for the accident
•At-fault drivers may assume that they can get away with it or assume that they will not be found.

Since Miami has such a large population, there are simply more people who are willing to use these excuses for a hit-and-run traffic accident. Of course, there is no excuse. Under Florida law, all motorists must stop if they are involved in a collision and must offer assistance to any injured parties and also must exchange contact insurance information with the other driver. Failure to do so can result in serious penalties and even jail time.

It can be especially frustrating and frightening to be involved in a hit and run collision. Being involved in this type of collision can actually increase the chances that your injuries will be serious. This is because in many cases where a driver leaves the scene of an accident, they do not stop to offer assistance. If you have been seriously injured and getting help was delayed because the other driver has not stopped to offer assistance, the delay could complicate your medical condition and can make your injuries worse. In fact, each year some people are killed in hit and run accidents simply because no one arrives in time to provide needed medical care.

If you have survived a hit-and-run crash, you may wonder whether you will still be able to get insurance money, even if the other driver is not found. The answer is that in most cases you will be able to. If you have been in this type of accident, it is important to get medical attention and call the police first. Once that has happened, gather as much evidence as you can. Take photos of the car leaving the scene of the accident, note any contact information of any witnesses, note any details you can remember, and document your injuries. Contact your insurance company after you have the police report and your insurance company may be able to offer you insurance money, especially if you have under-insured or uninsured motorist coverage.

You may also wish to consult with a personal injury attorney in Miami or your community in order to discuss your legal options. A personal injury attorney can negotiate with your insurance carrier and can help you seek other options for pursuing justice in your case.

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